Second co-production workshop with SAS

On the 2nd December 2022 our GeneEQUAL team had the second co-production workshop with members and staff from Self-Advocacy Sydney (SAS). We looked through another booklet, aimed at helping people prepare for a genetics clinic visit and also three videos together. We received amazing feedback on these resources which we immediately used to improve them.

Julie Loblinzk presents at a whiteboard to a group of about 20 people in a conference room
Julie Loblinzk presents at the co-production workshop

We also got feedback from the Self-Advocacy team about the workshops themselves and got a thumbs up for inclusivity and respect.

What a great workshop – together we can make a much-needed difference in health care for people with intellectual disabilities!

A man and a woman at a conference table. The man gives a thumbs-up signal.
The workshop got a thumbs up for inclusivity and respect
Three people listening to a speaker at a conference table
Attendees at the workshop