Our vision and mission

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This page is about GeneEQUAL’s

  • vision


  • mission
Man pointing into the air with the word "oals beneath him

A vision is about our goal It is what we try to do in our work

A group of people with disabilities point to a bubble showing a health check up

We want all people with intellectual disability to experience

  • respect
  • accessibility
  • inclusion

in genetic health care

The Gene equal team with the Gene equal logo

What do we do in GeneEQUAL?

A woman writes at a desk while pointing upwards to a large magnifying glass with a bar chart in it

The GeneEQUAL team are

  • university researchers
A group of people with disabilities
  • people with intellectual disability
Two people at a blank easel
  • people who work in education
A woman stands, surrounded by six images of other people
  • people who work in health
The flags – the Australian Indigenous flat, the Torres Strait Islander flag and the Australian national flag

The people who started GeneEQUAL are

  • from Australia
A woman with two thought bubbles coming from her head

GeneEQUAL team members have many different

A group of five people meet at a small table
  • opinions
  • preferences
  • experiences
  • strengths
  • skills
An ear

The team listens to the voices of

  • people with intellectual disability
A group of happy people flex their biceps
  • people from different communities
  • people with different experiences

Together we create advice and resources about

  • new ways of doing genetic health care
  • new ways of doing genetic education

We try to help genetic health workers

  • to give respect
  • make more time to support people with intellectual disability
  • be more caring
  • be careful of people’s past experiences and feelings
Young man with his hand point upwards and a question mark thought bubble

How do we do it?

We are

  • creative
  • inclusive

We welcome new ideas

Our research team welcomes

  • people with intellectual disability
  • people with different research skills and experience
Woman sitting in front of a keyboard looking at the camera with a questioning gesture

Why do we do it?

It should not matter

  • who you are
  • how old you are

All people with intellectual disability should experience

  • great quality
  • and respect

in genetic health care

Just like everyone else

A mission is about

  • how we reach our goals

We tell the world how to show more

  • respect
  • inclusion
  • accessibility

to people with intellectual disability in genetic health care

We help everyone to understand

  • why this is so important

We make resources and training for

  • genetics education
  • and health care

We work with

  • people with intellectual disability
  • and health care workers

to do this

We also work together with people like

  • teachers
  • families
  • and support people

Our resources help people with intellectual disability to

  • get answers to their questions
  • feel confident and strong
  • make the right choices for them

Our work helps people to show more

  • respect
  • inclusion
  • accessibility

to people with intellectual disability in genetic health care