A small story

Hi everyone, 

I just wanted to share a small story that reminded me how important our work is. 

I was working in the Emergency Department. 

A patient came in with foot pain. 

They were a person with intellectual disability. 

He came in with his support worker. 

I used the skills that I have learned through GeneEQUAL. 

I checked we had informed consent from him. 

I tried my best to give him inclusive and accessible healthcare. 

When I discharged him I wrote a discharge summary. 

This is a summary letter to the GP. 

It also has instructions for the patient to help them feel better after coming to hospital. 

I wrote an Easy Read version of the discharge summary. 

When I gave him the Easy Read version, his eyes lit up. 

He said ‘Wow!’ and thanked me. 

I could see him reading the Easy Read summary closely. 

The support worker was also very impressed. 

This made me feel like I had made a difference. 

I hope we can all take inspiration from this story. 

It reminds me how important our work is. 

It has changed how I approach medicine! 

I hope you are having a lovely day,