Inclusive Practice Award – New Awardee

GeneEQUAL announce yet another Inclusive Practice Award. 

Our new awardee is Ms Tracey Miles.

She is a community nurse at Hunter Valley region, Australia.

Tracey received the award on 28/11/2023. 

Ms Tracey Miles deserves to be recognised because she is a community nurse who goes out of her way to make sure her patients are looked after in every way. She treats people with respect and listens to them. She is a beautiful nurse.

Inclusive Practice Awards

GeneEQUAL announce our Inclusive Practice Awards.

The first awardee is Dr Nikhil Mahajan, Surgeon at John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, Australia, on the 10th of August 2023.

Dr Mahajan took the time to get to know his patients, including about their health, interests and achievements. He was very approachable and shared information about his skills and background. He was very polite and explained things in an easy to understand way. He was really listening.