The GeneEQUAL Toolkit Final Report

This booklet is about the GeneEQUAL Toolkit and what

  • people with intellectual disability
  • health care workers

think about it.

This booklet is also about what people say

  • GeneEQUAL should work on next

You can find out more on the Centre for Genetics Education Website

Please click the link below to the PDF

PDF file

Report of the GeneEQUAL study

This is the Easy Read Report of the GeneEQUAL study findings.  

It shares:

  • what the GeneEQUAL project is 
  • what people told us 
  • and what we recommend.

The study was funded by NSW Ministry of Health.

PDF file, 2.4Mb

Cover of the GeneEQUAL study findings.