Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy tells you about: 

  • The sort of information (or data) we may collect when you use our site 
  • How we may use that information. 

What information do we collect? 

Our website collects two types of information.  

Anonymous information 

This information does not tell us who you are. Almost every website collects this type of information.  

This includes: 

  • Which pages people visit on our website 
  • How long they stay on each page 
  • Which files are downloaded 
  • What sort of computers or mobile phones are used 
  • In what areas users live (also called ‘geolocation’). 

Our website does not automatically collect: 

  • People’s names 
  • When they were born 
  • Which street they live on. 

We use this type of information all together. We do not look at how individual people use our site. 

Personal information 

If you sign up to receive our newsletter, we will ask your name, your organisation, for example who you work for or what volunteer work you do, and your email address. 

We will store this information in a place that only we can get to.  

What do we do with your information? 

We use this information to: 

  • Look at how many people are using the site 
  • See which pages are being visited most often. 

We do this to make the GeneEQUAL website better for everyone. 

We only keep your personal information, so we know how to send a newsletter to you 

Will we ever share your information? 

Your information will never be shared unless we must by law.  

We will never sell the information we collect. 

What about videos embedded from other websites? 

Videos on our website are embedded (linked) from Vimeo. While you are watching the videos, Vimeo may collect your data. They do this in keeping with their Privacy Policy. You can read about their Privacy Policy here.  

Can I access my personal information? 

You have a right to access the personal information we keep. You can also ask us to change it.  

Please contact the GeneEQUAL Privacy Officer (we say how just below). 

Complaints about privacy 

Please contact us if you have any worries or concerns about privacy.   

Changes to Privacy Policy 

If we decide to change our Privacy Policy, we will write those changes here. 

Privacy Contact Officer 

GeneEQUAL’s Privacy Contact Officer is Emma Palmer. 

You can contact Emma via GeneEQUAL. 


Phone: 02 9348 1601